Meet Infolinks, The Best Contextual Advertising Tool

Allowing an advert managing service to place adverts on your blog is fairly simple. Once you sign up with the service, they usually give you a small piece of code to insert on your blog or website and within seconds you are up and running. While it is natural to assume that your daily inflow of visitors will bring you some money, unfortunately, it is not that straight forward and there are a lot of factors that you need to account for, in order to estimate your ad revenue. In such a scenario, would you like to put all your eggs in one basket and place a single banner ad on your website?

Since websites and blogs are filled with content, which is largely textual in nature, the best way to maximize your earning potential from your site is use the text therein. You have carefully crafted the content on your site over months and years and you can use it even today to make you some money. In-text ads gauge the content on your site and place relevant ads within them so that there is a higher probability of users clicking on them.

So, whether your visitor is reading an article that you recently posted or something that was posted a long time ago, you as the creator of the content have a good chance of making money for yourself. If you would like the adverts placed on your site to be determined in real time, then Infolinks is one provider of that such In-text Ads.

Infolinks does this using its proprietary Infolinks Intent Intelligence or In3platform which is powered by a unique algorithm that helps the company determine the content creators’ intent. By doing this, Infolinks delivers adverts that are more relevant to your visitors, thereby creating higher engagement with them, which means more revenue for you.

The In3technology analyses content in real time and auctions ad space using a real-time bidding engine. So, your site can also maximize revenue if it offers information in a particular niche. Additionally, text analysis is also accompanied with social algorithms can further drive engagement further for your blog.

It is not only the in-text ads that will help you make money. Infolinks comes with additional advertising options such as InTag ads for instance. We all use tags on our website/ blog to make sure that search engines can find our content, but only Infolinks helps you utilise the tags for more than just search engines. Plus, if your site has some place near the footer that you are not really using,

Infolinks has a solution to utilize that space too, with its InFold ad unit that sites neatly at the bottom of the page. Similarly, if you have space on the border and would like to utilize that instead, then there is the ‘InFrame’ ad unit option that will allow you to make most of this space as well. Remember, how we told you not to concentrate your effort in one type of advertising, well, that is exactly what Infolinks helps you do. And still, setting up Infolinks on your site, is no different from setting up some banner ad unit and hardly takes a minute.

If you would like to know more, Infolinks is the 4th largest publisher marketplace for adverts worldwide and has a presence in 128 countries with over a 100,000 websites in its network and works equally well on Android and iOS platforms. What is better is that Publishers can join Infolinks for free after filling a small form, so why not join them today?