Every day we receive hundreds of emails from designers, developers, start-ups, and over the top Web crazy people who are eagerly interested in sharing with the world that what they actually are doing it. We know you want your work to be cover and spread across the global crowd, but in order for us to consider writing about you and your work; we need some info from you first.

You need to fill out the form below completely for a list of interview questions. Fill it out, send it to us and we will take a look of that. But, due to the huge high volume of free submissions we receive, it will take at least two to three months time before we consider any new Web-related product or service to make its way in HowToWebDesign.org. Also, to note, only approximately 10 to 15% of free submissions are selected for reviews on HowToWebDesign.org.

In case if you don’t want all such big hurdles and want a guaranteed spot, then advisable to check out our [speedy paid submission] option (published within 72 hours; three working days time).

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