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With the way, more and more businesses are now getting aware of their business online presence. Businesses from all across different industries are working towards making it pace in the world of web. Also, not only this, BUT individuals are too in the same light and are working towards the same, then whether it will be in form of a single page website or as a blog.

HowToWebDesign.org, founded by Karan Chopra, proud to be called him a Web Junkie, is a resource site which comes under the umbrella of G2One Network, and offers its readers handful of resources of domain names, hosting, content management systems, detailed information about cPanel, plesk, WHM along with reviews, deals and lots more.

What Can I Find on JustWP.org?

Domain Names: Information, Tips, Tutorials about domain names and how to use them.

Hosting: Helping you to find the best hosting provider for your website along with different tips and tutorials solving all the problems you might get once you have your chosen hosting provider with you.

cPanel, Plesk & WHM: Information, Tips, Tutorials about cPanel, Plesk & WHM and how to use them.

CMS: Information, Tips, Tutorials about content management systems, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal along with others.

Resource/Tools: A detailed-cum-specific-point-to-point section which contains the lists of all available best resource and tools which will be helpful to you while developing the website.

Glossary: People often get confused over what exactly the service and/or specific web term means. In this section, we will share the meanings (in easy language) of all those web terms.

Deals: Different service providers, then whether a hosting company or theme developer runs deals from time-to-time. With this section, we will bring those deals for you.

Services: Ranging from FREE premium theme installation service to full-fledged paid services to choose from.

Reviews: If you are running a web business, or you are hosting company, or a theme provider or graphic/web designing company, this section is completely meant for you. As here, we offer you the space where we share and publish your product/offerings reviews to all our readers.

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