How To Add Your Site To Webmaster Tools? (Google Version)

Not a doubt, if you are newbie or the one who got confused on how to add site to a webmaster tools, then this post will help you out with that. A webmaster tool gives you a freedom to add up to 1,000 sites to your account, then whether your site will either be a news site or a mobile site while if you create your site, say using Google’s Blogger, then you need not to do anything separate as all you have to automatically add and verify your sites by simply enabling Webmaster tools directly from your Blogger dashboard.

Remember: Adding a site to webmaster tools is one thing but in order to make it work and showcase your data in front of you, you need to verify it first (discussed below). The verification process does not cost you anything nor it harms your site’s PageRank or affects your site’s performance in search results.

#1 Adding And Verifying A Site

  • Sign into Webmaster Tools with your Google Account.
  • Search for the Add a site button. This is basically located at the top right corner of Webmaster Tools. Once located, simply type the URL of the site which you want to add.  Make sure the URL you type will be mentioned completely, i.e.
  • Once done, click Continue and the Webmaster Tool will opens the Site Verification page (the verification process I discussed below).
  • A note here, you do have an additional option here that in the Name box, you can type a name for your site, say, Blog 1.

#2 Site Verification Process

Unless and until it is confirmed by Google that you own the site, it will not leads you toward sharing your site’s data. Also, you need not to worry about your site’s performance in Google’s search results as it has nothing to do with Verification. Google offers you number of options by which you can verify you site. I am going to discuss and explore all the options below:

  • Meta Tag: You can add a meta tag to your homepage but make sure you do got an access to your site’s source files. In order to verify via this method you must be able to edit the HTML code of your site’s pages.
  • HTML File Uploading: Simple and fast method. All you have to do is to upload an HTML file with the name you mention on your service. In order to do so, you do have an access your site’s FTP server.
  • Verify via your domain name provider: To use this method, you have to sign-in first with your domain name or hosting provider and got to add a new DNS record.
  • Google Analytics Code Addition: Another good and fast option. In order to verify your site via this method, you must be an admin on the Google Analytics account and the tracking code which you have with you must use the new asynchronous snippet.

Once you done any of above task, all you have to make it verify through Webmaster Tools. Webmaster Tools here will check and see that if your site contains either of specified tag, file, record or code. Whichever the method you choose, once you make it verify with Google, you are done and the Webmaster Tools will start showcasing the data of your site respectively.

Note 1: Remember if you access your Webmaster Tools via a web hoster, then you need not to worry about verification as your site is already been verified.

Note 2: If, in case, you created your new site using Google Sites, then again you need not to worry about verification as your site will now appear verified in Webmaster Tools.