How To Change DNS Zones (MX, CNAME And A Records)

The process is different for both shared as well as reseller hosting plan which you had opted for, BUT before digging deep into the process, I will be going to share some key information which according to me helps you understand different DNS zones. As you know, the role of your name server is to find the server and to correct DNS zones so as you will be able to get the following information in hand, which can be helpful to you while you get more insight into your hosting provider’s domain name system.

  • NS Records: The NS records in the DNS zone must match the nameservers you are using.
  • A Record: The A record points your domain to an IP address. (For example: -> ip address)
  • CNAME Record: The CNAME record points your subdomain to another domain name, like www and mail. (For example: ->
  • MX Records: The MX records control where your emails are received. If, say you want your mail hosted on another server, then this is what exactly you will need to change. (e.g. -> server)

Shared Hosting

Thanks to cPanel 11.25, you will now have a whole access area by which you can make some of these changes. The process to follow:

  • Once you are in your cPanel, there is an icon under “Domains” called “Simple Zone Editor”. The feature allows you to create and edit both A and CNAME records.
  • While, if in case you want to create and/or edit MX records, then there is an icon under “Mail” called “MX Entry” from where you can make this update.
  • Further, if you want to customize your SPF records, then there is an icon under “Mail” called “Email Authentication” which you can use for the purpose.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting can allow you to add and/or modify any of the DNS zone records. The process is simple and all you have to do is to go to WHM and click “Edit DNS zones” which is present under DNS functions.

Key Notes

  • The above process and terms/icons may vary differentially for each of hosting providers, so it is advisable to first check with your hosting provider before making any changes.
  • If you got a comment at the end, then the cPanel will not able to display any records as such. While considering the context in legitimate way, it is always advisable to hae comments at the end of your records BUT the way cPanel is, it will not understand the thing at par although the records are there.

Things Not To Miss Out

A strong note on have to keep on a take while doing the above changes in DNS Zones (MX, CNAME and A Records):

  • It is compulsory to make your DNS zone changes to the place where your name servers point.
  • Always remember that DNS zone changes are not instant, they do require a time frame of between 24 to 48 hours for propagation while interestingly, majority of records require just anything between 0 to 4 hours, BUT name server records require an average 0 to 24 hours time.
  • Once the above records updated, make sure you double check that the NS records match exactly the nameservers you are using at your domain registrar (which can also be known as by the name of “fixing the glue”).
  • If the records are not matching, then your website may become a victim of intermittent downtime.