Domain Name FAQs – Part 1 Of 3: Registering A Domain Name

While one can found hundreds of questions over the web which talks about domain name, result of which some people get their answers while others get confused. Thinking on the same context, in this four part series, I am going to answer the common questions which you wish to learn better.

Note: This Part 1 is called as Registering A Domain Name.

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Q1. Can Anyone Register A Domain Name

A1. Quite an innocent question which comes with an innocent answer. Yes, anyone can register for ownership of a domain name. It doesn’t matter that from which country you belongs to. Anyone in the whole world can register any domain of their choice for now and future.

Q2. How Much Does Domain Name Typically Cost?

A2. Domain name registration comes at different cost with different domain registrars around the world. It totally depends from where you are buying and which domain extension you wish to buy. Say, for example if I plan to purchase a domain name from a domain registrar in UK and the one from US, the prices can be different. Also, quite possible, that a domain registrar either in US or UK are offering some discounts. It is advisable to check what these registrars are offering at first place, instead of making a direct purchase.

Q3. Who Are The Domain Registrars?

A3. Domain Registrars are basically the companies which are affiliated with (ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and other tlds bodies and will work as a medium between these organizations and customers.

Q4. How Long Does The Domain Registration Process Take?

A4. The whole process on average takes hardly more than 2 to 3 minutes to complete. Once you have registered and paid for your domain name, and after it got verified, your domain name will become active.

Q5. After I register a domain name, do I own exclusive rights to use my domain name?

A5. Yes, as soon as you purchased the domain, you owe the complete rights to use the domain name for as long as the domain name is registered under your name.