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If you jog your memory a little bit and go back a few years to the turn of the millennium, you will distinctly remember Napster, the file sharing service that revolutionized the music industry. Well, Napster was not found to change the way we deal with music; it was a simple file sharing service that reaped huge benefits for music lovers. But Codester, on the other hand, has been designed for people who love code and are more than happy to share their code it others.

As computers and computing become an indispensable part of our daily lives, code is everywhere. It’s on the apps that run on your smartphone, on the e-commerce site that you visit to complete your wish list, in the logo designs of your company and its products or simply put, behind this very page where you are reading this post. Computer code delivers the exact information that the computing device needs to process to give you a wonderful experience while using a website, app or even a device. But every time, you need to make a new app or a website, you do not have to start from scratch. This is where Codester comes to the rescue. It simply saves you the trouble of having to reinvent the wheel.


At the outset, Codester is a massive collection of code that is needed to write computer programs, apps, websites etc. There are a lot of such collections for popular content management systems like WordPress but are not limited to just one platform. You could be a Drupal user or a Joomla user or just like to stick to basic HTML and you can get the code you seek on Codester. Why just template codes, Codester also has a large number of plugin codes for all these platforms and much more, if you are not looking to redo your complete website but just add a little more functionality to it.

Speaking of functionality, what is better example of computing functionality than an app on your smartphone or computer? There are apps for almost everything out there and yet every now and then we do hear about a new rising app that achieves some that was not done before. If you are an app developer yourself, you can find great bits of code on Codester. Once again, the platform is not a problem. Codester stores codes for all sorts of platforms that are being used globally today and you don’t have to deliberate on whether you should port your app to a different platform for better functionality. Codester is also home to wide variety of codes for ecommerce sites offerings such as Woocommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop and many more. So, if you have been thinking about redoing your online store, Codester can help.

Codester’s uniqueness lies in the diversity of the platforms that it covers and how easy it is for users to gain access to code. You can browse through the multiple offerings on the site and simply click on what you like. In an instant, you get access to the full description of the code, its features, along with its computing/technical requirements. If you are happy with the design, simply hop over to the buy now option. Here’s you will be asked to create a free account for Codester after which you make the payment and you can use the code. Once the payment is made, not only do you get the code, but also 12 months of support and any other updates that the product might have in the future.


Most codes on Codester are available in two licences, a regular license, which is for a single site or an extended use license, which can be used on multiple sites. So, if you are a developer, you may choose the extended use licence and use the same code for multiple clients, as and when necessary. Developers, interested in sharing their code, can also set up a shop on Codester and reap the benefits of developing the code of their own. So, while you work on new projects, your old work continues to bring you cash from time to time.

Overall, Codester is a great repository for all code lovers. Whether you are an amateur trying to hone your skills, a blog owner looking to upgrade your site or a developer yourself, there is always something that you will find on Codester. Sign up today for a free account and browse though hundreds of codes that lighten up your app, website or e-store.