Reviewed – NextGen Gallery, The WordPress Gallery Plugin

It doesn’t matter if you are a travel blogger, photographer or an image creator; having, a reliable photo gallery plugin would do your website a whole lot of good.

The vitality of a photo gallery cannot be underestimated whether photography is your niche or not. A responsive photo gallery helps you to include high-quality images on your website. It doesn’t matter if you are running an eCommerce store, or a personal blog, you can benefit from having a photo gallery on your website.

However, the process of creating a gallery on WordPress can be quite challenging most, especially when you are a newbie.

The good news is that there is a WordPress gallery plugin that makes the creation of galleries very easy, even for newbies and beginners. NextGen Gallery makes it possible to upload and share images on your website.

Importance of having a photo gallery plugin

The initial purpose of WordPress was to promote blogs on written content; however, with images becoming an essential part of our everyday delivery, more people are now focusing on image-focused contents.

If your WordPress site or blog has a high amount of images, you would have noticed a couple of drawbacks, such as organization issues on your site.

It goes without saying that one of the best ways to solve all of those image issues is to use an image gallery.

About NextGen Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is one of the most used gallery plugins on WordPress with the download count of nearly one million. It is highly responsive, customizable, and comes with deep functionality that allows users to express themselves. People who are continually working with images such as bloggers, photographers need a highly functional tool that does a great job of showing images in a visually appealing gallery.

NextGen Gallery provides lots of album styles, management features, and functionality. NextGen Gallery provides a complete package that allows you to properly manage photos by adding them into appropriate galleries. The plugin comes with three primary gallery display styles and two album styles. What’s more, you can be quite flexible with your gallery effects and styles.


NextGen Gallery comes with several effective and efficient ways to help you arrange and organize images. Some of the standout features of NextGen Gallery include:

  • Three primary display styles
  • Uploading batch images
  • Placing galleries into albums
  • Importing metadata from photos
  • Album support
  • Two album styles
  • Automatic watermarks
  • Simple image resizing
  • Lots of transition effects
  • Lightbox galleries

NextGen Gallery is excellent for both beginners and seasoned pros. The features of the plugin are easily accessible. NextGen does a fantastic job of ensuring its user interface is engaging and user-friendly, while still providing you with state of the art features.


The NextGen Gallery comes as in two versions; free and paid. You can download the plugin and use it straight away. The free version comes with some impressive features. But if you want to really enjoy the plugin, then you should go for one of the three packages on offer.

Buying a paid package means you have access to a plethora of Pro extensions in addition to the high performance of the core plugin. The pro extensions do a great job of boosting gallery displays, engaging with social networks, among other things.

The first plan is the Next Plus Plan, and it goes for $79. Buying this plan gives you access to Pro support, gallery extensions, as well as the pro lightbox extension

The next premium plan is the NextGen Pro, and it goes for $139. This plan includes the features from the NextGen Plus Plan along with eCommerce extensions and more. The NextGen Pro plan gives you access to all the features of NextGen Gallery bar the lifetime features.

The NextGen Lifetime plan gives you a lifetime access to support and updates in addition to other features mentioned above.


The availability of NextGen Gallery extensions means you have lots of ways to get the most out of your plugin. The extensions fall into various categories such as eCommerce, displays, social media, smartphone integration, optimizer, and lots more

The NextGen Gallery extension allows you to;

  • Select the best galleries for showcasing your images
  • Enabling social media sharing as a way to enhance your brand, etc.


NextGen Gallery is customer-oriented, and they do a great job of making the plugin easy to use, and what’s more they provide a comprehensive detail of each feature on their site. Users can get access to walk-throughs, tutorials, tips, and much more. There is also a rapid support system in place to offer apt answers to your queries.

Final Words

NextGen Gallery is the payload of gallery WordPress plugins. Its features, pricing, and performance make it one of the most used photo gallery plugin in WordPress. The plugin allows you to easily add images to a gallery. You can use it to set group galleries, tag cloud among other things. Sites that deal with lots of photographs need a responsive tool to arrange and manage your photos. NextGen Gallery offers the right functionality mixed with perfect delivery of service.