Things To Expect In eCommerce In 2015

E-commerce is rising and developing from the moment it came to be. As soon as the Internet reached enough people and they started networking and browsing, people found the way to make it a tool for selling and trading. Since, the Internet is very powerful, the online trading and e-commerce became an absolute hit. It grows and develops and the trends in e-commerce happen all the time. As the year 2014 has finished and the 2015 comes with new trends and new niches that require improvement.


Naturally, it is impossible to have a business of any kind today without a smart marketing strategy. The online marketing has separated and distinguished itself as a powerful tool and a completely separate marketing branch. Since the nature of the Internet is that it is fast changing and fast growing, the online marketing needs to change as well. The direction in which it is changing is the rise of importance of the social media for e-commerce. They are getting more and more important because of the fact that they provide more interaction and more responsive and personal marketing strategy. The trend that will rule the 2015 marketing is the more personal and more precisely tailored marketing approach.

Mobile Devices

The PCs were replaced by the laptops and the difference between the tablets and smartphones is getting more and more questionable. Therefore, a good portion of all browsing and the entire time people spend online is via mobile platforms. With that in mind, that share of people and potential buyers that use the Internet for shopping through their mobile devices needs to be addressed with adequate platforms that makes it easy and intuitive to shop with your smartphone. The direction in which the tech companies go is toward producing more devices that resemble smartphones and mobile devices, so the e-commerce strategies and platforms need to keep the track of those developments in 2015.

Combining Ways of Sale

While the e-commerce obviously means that the product or the service will be offered via website, there is a certain trend that the channels of marketing and even sales are getting more diverse. Once you build a site its name is spread through the social media. Facebook pages, groups and all the other social media platforms need to be included into the sales process and your product needs to be available on other sites besides your own. Also, for the sake of future expansion of your e-commerce, make sure that your hosting provider offers you VPS hosting as well.

Offline Shops

In 2014, businesses that sold their goods exclusively online started forming shops and opening them up. Before that, most of the businesses where selling in shops already, but they commenced the online version of their shops as well. In 2015, the trend will be that once exclusively online shops move to the ‘real world’ as well. While there is the need to combine the online ways of selling your product, the whole idea needs to be rounded by a shop as well.


There are some sort of differences between the online shops and the shopping in real shops. Online, you cannot try the thing that you want to buy first and you cannot take them home with you right away. There is that detail about talking to the shop assistant and asking them for advice as well, which exists only when you walk into the shop and look around there. However, in 2015, these differences will be less and less visible. First of all, you will need to set up the online chat support at all times to make sure that people get that advice that they need. You will also need to be very active and responsive on the social media sites.

Delivery Time

You need to do all it takes to make the delivery time as short as possible as people like to be able to feel and try the thing that they are buying as soon as possible. Since it is impossible to teleport the product to their doors right away, you need to make sure that you are doing the next best thing.

These are the predictions based on the way things happened in 2014. However, since the online commerce is changing rapidly, it is quite possible that new, unforeseen trends will occur during the year to come.