What Are Webmaster Tools?

Isn’t the above questions you heard one-to-many times but even after hearing it so so times, I am sure you still get confused that what exactly the Webmaster tool is? Arguing over it on layman words, you will be surprised to know that if you want your website to get found over the web, then you must use different Webmaster tools available, say, likes of Google and Bing.

Understanding first, Webmaster Tools is basically a free service which search engines offer you in order to maintain as well as monitor your site’s presence over the web in terms of search results. Although, another interesting thing which you might got experience that (in actual) you need not to sign up for Webmaster tools for your site in order to include it in search engine’s search results, but taking such a step will give you huge space out there to optimize your site’s performance in search results.

Key Features On Why To Use Webmaster Tools

  • The webmaster tools will let you monitor your site’s performance in search engines, which means that search engines will surely access your content.
  • You can submit your content for crawling and can even remove contents which you don’t want show in search results.
  • You are able to now monitor your site in better ways in order to resolve any malware or spam issue.
  • You will be able to create and monitor content which delivers visually engaging search results.