How Can I Customize cPanel & WHM For My Brand?

From one-to-many times, we do wish to customize both cPanel and WHM as per our brand although I will not be surprised when I say that you can perform this with few simple steps. You can edit themes and branding straightaway from the cPanel interface. Yes, you heard it right.

#1 Choosing cPanel Theme

  • Login to your primary site’s cPanel (not WHM).
  • Change the theme for your site to one of the RVSkin options.
  • Login to your WHM.
  • Scroll the left-hand navigation menu to the bottom.
  • Select the RVSkin Manager option.
  • Click the Themes >> option at the top of the right-hand screen.
  • On the navigation bar below that, select the Selectable Themes option.
  • Choose the themes you would like to provide as an option to your clients.
  • Save your selection.
  • Logout of your WHM.
  • In your cPanel change your theme back to the one you desire.
  • Logout of your cPanel.

#2 Adding An Icon To cPanel

  • cPanel got an online tool named as Install File Generator.
  • When you begin using the generator, it will allow you to create an install file for registering your plugin within your cPanel server.
  • This will let you add an icon to the cPanel interface.
  • Inside the generator, you can specify the details of your icon building the internal access URL of where the icon is located.
  • Once the install file is created, simply upload the plugin to your cPanel server and can run the file from within SSH.
  • Performing all of the above will now let you have your icon appear in your user’s cPanel interface.