Best WordPress Custom Fonts Plugin

With the way, the web trends keep on changing day by day, the use of fonts (different typography) makes a drastic increase in its usage. Custom fonts bring a whole new way the typography evolves in recent times. To have you the best WordPress custom fonts plugins, I have rounded up the four avail best fonts plugins.

Typekit Fonts

  • Allows you to embed and use Typekit fonts in your WordPress website without doing any edit.
  • The fonts are applied using the font-face standard.
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite.
  • Detailed instructions are available on the plugin’s settings page.
  • The plugin is designed to function securely with both WordPress and WordPress Multisite.
  • If the website is using HTTPS/SSL, the SSL version of the Typekit embed code is automatically used instead.

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  • Allows you to preview, add and use fonts from the font common sources on the web.
  • Pulls fonts from Google Web Fonts, Typekit, Fontdeck and Font Squirrel.
  • Written keeping themes in mind.
  • Fonts selected are added automatically to font selection drop-downs in the Suffusion theme.

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  • WPMU/WordPress 3 compatible with full support for multiple sites.
  • Font Manager to easily upload truetype or opentype fonts to WordPress
  • Easily convert your fonts to webfont formats. (Requires free sign up at
  • FontServ webfonts support all the major browsers including Internet Explorer.
  • Character Map to quickly check which characters are available for each font.
  • Style Management which allows an unlimited number of different styles to be created.
  • Apply font shadows easily using the Style Manager.
  • TinyMCE Button for quick and easy insertion of AnyFont styled text into your posts or pages.
  • Image Cache for generated images plus browser caching is enabled for images to reduce page load times.
  • Cache overview and management tool.
  • Easy text replacement options for menus, post titles, page titles, widget titles, blog name and blog description.
  • Advanced option which allows you to apply styles to any element or css selector(class name or ID).
  • Image replacements are SEO compatible.
  • Help icon for every single option to guide you when setting things up for the first time.
  • Image Styles support either PHP4+GD or PHP5+Imagick/GD.
  • Officially tested on Apache and Microsoft IIS(Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise running IIS 7), but is also known to work with nginx and various other web servers.

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WP Google Fonts

  • Allows you to easily add fonts to your WordPress theme.
  • Easier to use Google’s free service to add high quality fonts to your WordPress powered site.
  • Gives you the ability to assign the Google fonts to specific CSS elements of your website from within the WordPress admin.

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