Best WordPress Plugins To Grab Readers Attention

It is always known-worthy to have your readers aware that what the hot topic in your blog is. Sometimes you just try to highlight it and sometimes you try to give it a special mention but thanks to our today’s plugins list, it will allow you to give such “important content” a whole new important notification places onboard. Here in this article, we have rounded up the best WordPress plugins by which you can grab your readers’ attention. Hope you like them all.

Special Text Boxes

Adding a little style sheet file and a short code to your blog for highlighting some portion of text in post as colored boxes will make your readers’ aware that there is something extra special on board. This may be a warning, an alert, a message or a downloaded portion of post’s text.

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Ninja Announcements Lite

This plugin lets you create announcements (text and/or media) that are displayed in various places of your WordPress installation. It display small portions of text and/or images/videos on pages and posts letting visitors to know about if something special going on. They can be even scheduled so that they are also displayed between specified dates/times and/or on certain days of the week.

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WP Alert

WP Alert plugin allows you to add images, icons, texts and links in a beautiful and smart way on your pages, posts. All you have to do is upload your images, set text and links and use it on homepage, pages or posts, anywhere you want. Moreover, you can even use it in a navigation or sub-menu Social tool bar, Buy/Download buttons, portfolio and image gallery. The plugin allows you to write your own text, link images and text anywhere.

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EMC2 Alert Boxes

EMC2 Alert Boxes plugin uses jQuery and HTML5 animations to provide a great-looking, simple and functional alerting system. It makes a great way to notify your visitors of anything plus offer four different colors and will both fixed top and bottom positions.

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Responsive Attention Box

The plugin helps push important messages onto the screen in front of your users. It uses images and jQuery which have been used to enhance the User Experience. It allows you to easily display custom texts, Twitter posts, RSS feeds etc.

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