Domain Name FAQs – Part 2 Of 3: After The Registration Process

In the first part Domain Name FAQs – Part 1 of 3, I talked about Registering A Domain Name. Now, moving a step further, in this article I am going to talk about what will happen After The Registration Process.

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Q1. How do I know if a domain registration completed successfully?

A1. As soon as you are done with domain registration, it is advisable to check your domain status using WHOIS Lookup. The WHOIS search will look onto the records for you over the worldwide Internic domain registration database.

Q2. Next What, How To Start With?

A2. To get started, it will be good to have your custom domain name first work on the web, and this can be done by pointing your domain names server. As doing this only, you will be able to take a whole step further and can be able to publish your web pages. Also, a note, a hosting provider will also provide email service for your domain, which means once you have a space over the web, you will also get an email service with you.

Q3. I just want to use my domain name for email only. How do I do that?

A3. It’s pretty simple. As in this case, all you require is an email provider which will offer you email hosting. A web hosting provider company also offer an email hosting options too. So, do check with the hosting company you choose respectively.

Q4. I have found a hosting company, what do I do?

A4. As soon as you sign-up with a hosting provider, you will also get two to three DNS nameservers as well as their corresponding IP addresses. Say for example,

Once you got the above information in hand, log-on to your domain manager account and click on “Change DNS Nameservers” link. Once you are in the page, all you have to do now is to replace the two DNS nameservers with the one which you received from your hosting provider.

Make sure you don’t enter or mention any IP addresses there. Once done, simply click the “Save Configuration” button and within a day or two, you domain should resolve to your website i.e. your domain name gets propagated.

Q5. What If I Already Have A Website? In That Case, How Do I Redirect My Domain To It?

A5. In your domain manager panel, click on “URL Redirection” link. Once you are in, all you have to is to enter in the address of your existing website and choose your redirection type and then submit and you are done.

Q6. How Do I Change My Domain Information?

A6. It can be done easily through Domain Manager.

Q7. How Do I Add More Renewal Years After My Registration?

A7. It’s totally on you that by which way you want to renew your domain names while the maximum you can register a domain name is for ten years period.