Get Your Platform Compatible Theme Via LookShift Today

If you are a website developer you only know how difficult it is to come across some web themethat is unique and worthy of your money. It is even more frustrating, if have no background what so ever in websites and their designs and you have just lost all your time hunting for some web theme, which is just not compatible to your platform. A simple solution to all these problems is LookShift, a one stop shop for well-designed web themes.

LookShift has over a 50 designed web designs compatible for four different platforms. Right from WordPress, to DotNet to Joomla, LookShift theme are really accommodating. Its user friendly, simple and not just for those who are looking for a one time investment, if you are someone who is constantly in need for eye catching themes, and displays, well LookShift is just for you. Unlike the outrageous charges that go around in the circle of web designs, LookShift is not only affordable it is outright competitive.


With a basic monthly subscription fee, you can gain access to all their themes, without restricting your usage; now isn’t that great. The only thing to keep in mind here is that sharing user name between friends and colleagues are not allowed, meaning the subscription is not transferable. Plus to have access to all their themes it is necessary to keep an active account. But seriously at such affordable rates, thesedon’t even count as hindrances.

The package is also good for those who are bogged down every time they like a design only to realise it is not compatible for text that appear left to right or right to left. Lucky for those guys, all of LookShift’s web themes are compatible to both rightto left and left to right text, making it a cake walk to get your page in different languages. Boasting a total of more than 400 themes, and much more to be added to that list, a subscription to LookShift is perfect for any website developer.


Now, if you thought this is the end of the “hail LookShift galore”, think again, LookShift is smart in other ways too. This compatibility bandwagon has more to it, apart from the amazing pricing, and the multi-compatible platforms etc. their themes makes a fix to any device you name onto. So you no longer have to sit and think about what to do when your viewers access your site from a mobile or a tablet, the theme are pre made to just mould into a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

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