Understanding SSL / Secure Certificates: A Guide

#1 Basic

SSL (Security Socket Layer) and Secure Certificates provides security for your websites. It will let encryption performed between the server and the visitor of your website. In order to have SSL work for you, you need to have an SSL installed on your server.

#2 Why To Use It?

If you are running an eCommerce store in which you intend to receive payments by credit card, then you require an SSL certificate. The second reason for which you require the one is when you begin accepting confidential information which you wish to keep secure while visitors to your website are allowed to access it through the web; then again you will be requiring an SSL certificate. Moreover, an SSL certificates will help you protect your passwords from either being stolen or intercepted.

#3 SSL Types

There are total of six types of SSL Certificates available from which you can choose the one as per your requirements. Different SSL Certificates include Shared Certificates, Domain Validated Certificates, Company Validated Certificates, Extended Validation Certificates, Wildcard Certificates and Multi-Domain Certificates. Let’s understand now all of them one-by-one.

Shared Certificates

Shared Certificates are the basic security certificates which come on sharing basis and mainly available through shared and reseller web hosting plans. These Shared Certificates takes care of the encryption while these certificates will make sense to you only when you desire to have a secure connection on board to your server but don’t intend for it to be used by the general public. This is not at all suitable for eCommerce sites, so considering opting for different type of certificate if your business involves sale and purchase through the web.

Domain Validated Certificate

If your site requires your visitors to make payments, say through a credit card, then a domain validated certificate will work perfect for you. Because of its direct tied-up nature to your domain name, telling your visitors that they are on the correct website. These certificates make a perfect fit for eCommerce websites as well as for anyone who desires a secure communication between your website and its visitors.

Company Validated Certificate

This certificate is similar to a domain validated certificate although documentation must be provided to certify your company’s identity. Opting for this certificate means your site now will be displayed in a browser in a way which will leads to more trust and more trust means more confidence among your site’s visitors towards the security of your site.

Extended Validation Certificates

This certificate provides secure connections by verifying the businesses’ identity and letting them prevent fraud through a series of checks and validations. EV Certificates are designed in order to provide higher standard of assurance for visitors to authenticate the business which is behind the domain name.

Wildcard Certificates

Using a single Wildcard SSL Certificate will enables SSL encryption on unlimited subdomains.

Multi-Domain Certificates

Multi-domain certificates will let you secure about 210 domains in a one single go. It means a single certificate will let you secure huge domains all together.