Domain Name FAQs – Part 3 Of 3: Transferring A Domain Name

In the first part Domain Name FAQs – Part 1 of 3, I talked about Registering A Domain Name and in the second part Domain Name FAQs – Part 2 of 3, I discussed about After The Registration Process. Now, in the final part of this series, Domain Name FAQs – Part 3 of 3, I will be going to talk about Transferring A Domain Name.

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Q1. Can I Transfer To Another Domain Registrar?

A1. Yes, you can. It does not matter that wherever at what domain registrar you registered your domain name originally, you can make it register to some other registrar the following year. To do this, you have to first visit your domain Transfer Tool and make a simple transfer request. Once done, you will then be required to answer a simple confirmation email sent to the “admin contact.” Once authorization of your domain name completed, you will be able to transfer your domain name.

Q2. What About The Domain Registration Time Left With My Previous Registrar?

A2. Yes, you get to keep all remaining registration time which you currently have with your previous Registrar when you transfer your domain from one registrar to other.

Q3. How Long Does It Take To Transfer And Renew Here?

A3. The transfer of domain name requires time as it is not an instant process. On average the whole process requires an average eight to ten days to complete if it was done correctly. This means that it is very much important for you to renew as soon as possible.

Q4. What Are The Requirements For Transferring A Domain Name?

A4. The domain can’t be transfer if:

  • It was with other registrar company for less than 60 days or so.
  • If your last registrar company has the name locked either because of non-payment or for some other reason
  • The domain name has already passed its expiration date or is about to expire within the next ten days period.
  • You don’t know the registered Admin Contact E-mail for your domain.